Our motto is to wonderfully and radically fall upon the cross of Christ for grace and support.  A Simple House began in Washington, DC in 2003, and in 2009, a house was founded in Kansas City, MO.

Missionary volunteers visit families in project neighborhoods and the homeless in their camps. These visits aim to create an authentic friendship that benefits the poor and glorifies God. These friendships last for years, and the friendship may continue even after volunteers move out of A Simple House.

We call our work Friendship Evangelization. While volunteers serve at A Simple House, they live a simple religious life. Each volunteer attends daily mass, says morning and evening prayer, and makes time for personal prayer and scripture study.

A Simple House is always in need of financial donations to help the poor. Donations in kind are always accepted for the mother’s closet and food pantry.

More Information can be found on these PDFs: