Priceless Gifts

Priceless Gifts

“We need to give and expect a very high degree of love and not settle for anything less.  By searching in this way, we come to God.  Somehow we innately know that our inner secrets, our body, and our love should not be sold for any price because they are valuable beyond price.  But we are told to confess our inner secrets to each other (Jas 5:16) and to give all of these things in marriage for free (1 Cor 7:2-5).  When we give what is priceless for nothing, we are God-like.

ASH Newsletter. November 2005


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  • jim lipps on Oct 06, 2013

    i have just finished looking at your new “blog”? don’t know what that means. i think it is very inspiring. it reminds me of my time with st. martin’s center in “black leeds” at linwood & hardesty drive during the 1960’s & in the 1970’s our father’s house of prayer in our own st therese parish convent. we also made friends with the “poor”, in many ways they were richer than we. we never charged for our services, fr rotert said it was to be open to all @ no cost. many times we would take our own largesse and finance the needs. the cursillo men bought the house of st martin so we wouldn’t have to rely on the owner who graciously allowed us to use the duplex, God has blessed them all for their love & kindness , AS I’M CERTAIN HE IS BLESSING ALL OF YOU!! pax et bonum jim lipps stlf parish