November, 2013

Kansas City model for Young Adult Ministry

These are three interviews with Carrie Kafka. Carrie was instrumental in starting two successful ministries in Kansas City. The first ministry is a series of outreaches aimed at young adults, and it is called City on A Hill. The second ministry is an intentional community of young adult Catholics, and I am not aware of anything like it anywhere else. It is called the Meyer Catholic Quarter or MCQ. These ministries are models for work in other cities. Please share these videos with other people working in young adult ministry!

Everything But the Bird

“Everything But the Bird” is the name of the annual Thanksgiving outreach at A Simple House.  It all starts with handcrafted original pieces of artwork.

bags on floor

The Scoop on Pope Francis’ Thought

When Pope Francis was elected, I immediately searched for anything written by Cardinal Bergoglio.  Unlike his predecessor, there was nothing to read!  This put everyone in the interesting position of hanging on every word and relying on the media to piece together a picture of a very interesting man.

Thanksgiving Prep KC

Victoria cleaned out the grocery stores to create our “Everything but the Bird Thanksgiving Outreach.”

Bianca ordered Neosho to guard the valuable supplies.

Called To Be Saints

The Essential Ingredient

The most trivial work, the least action when inspired by love, is often of greater merit than the most outstanding achievement. It is not on their face value that God judges our deeds even when they bear the stamp of apparent holiness, but solely on the measure of love we put into them. . . And there is no one who can object that he is incapable of even this much, for such love is within the reach of all men.
St. Therese of Lisieux

The Seminary Comes to A Simple House

Bianca is our missionary, and Gladys is our longtime friend.  They are posing with Fr. Samuel and the Conception Abbey Seminary class of 2014 in the St. Therese shrine!

The Homeless: In Their Own Words

This is retro Simple House!  A few years ago, we interviewed two of our friends about how to live outside.  Some of their survival strategies are very interesting, and they are being frank about their situation.

Band of Brother’s Construction Day

This past weekend, 6 guys from Band of Brothers spent their whole Saturday rebuilding our bathroom at A Simple House, KC.

Newsletter Mailing Craziness

newsletter 1

A Simple House is run completely off donations. We send out newsletters 5 times a year, sharing ministry stories and how God is at work. During newsletter mailing days, our missionaries spend many days stuffing and sealing envelopes.

If you would like to help with a future mailing, please contact us! The more help we have, the less time it takes, and the more ministry we can do.

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