Band of Brother’s Construction Day

Band of Brother’s Construction Day

This past weekend, 6 guys from Band of Brothers spent their whole Saturday rebuilding our bathroom at A Simple House, KC.



The previous bathroom was terrible.  There were holes in the floor, and plumbing failure was a constant fear. This project would have taken our missionaries until Christmas to complete and taken a lot of time away from ministry. BOB installed the floor, reframed a doorway, and put up the walls. To make the project more interesting, our house is severely crooked!! Each piece of drywall had to be carefully measured and cut. Now we just need to do the finish work, and we will have two functional restrooms!

Guys in the Kansas City area- Band of Brothers is a group of Catholic men in their 20s & 30s who meet weekly to help each other grow in faith, fellowship, and formation. Check out one of their Tuesday meetings.