The Scoop on Pope Francis’ Thought

The Scoop on Pope Francis’ Thought

When Pope Francis was elected, I immediately searched for anything written by Cardinal Bergoglio.  Unlike his predecessor, there was nothing to read!  This put everyone in the interesting position of hanging on every word and relying on the media to piece together a picture of a very interesting man.

To help understand the Pope’s thought, Simple House missionaries read the documents related to the Pope’s visit to Brazil, and we were particularly struck by his homily at the Aparecida mass.

The homily is commemorating a conference that had taken place six years before at the same location.  Although the homily was wonderful, I did not have the interest to research the conference until… a very high ranking secret source told a very distinguished secret source told Clark Massey and everyone present…  “the Pope is largely responsible for the document that came from this conference.”

Here is the complete text.

To add some beauty to the mystery, here is a picture of the Church where all of this happened:

Read the document to find out about Pope Francis’ background and thought.  If you would like to go the easy route, just keep reading this blog, and we will post an overview or interesting excerpts!

Note: No one asked me to keep their identity secret.  I’m not sure getting mentioned by name in the Simple House blog is an honor, so I withheld the names to add a little intrigue and be safe.