November, 2013

Good Works and Causality

Christian transformation involves good works, and the mark of true knowledge about God is good works (Mt 7:15–27). The inverse is also true. Good works can school us in knowledge about God. Love is only an idea until it is applied. It would be shameful to arrive at heaven with only a theoretical love and not a living love.

November 2005

Tragedy and Friendship

Halloween at ASH

Here are some pics from Halloween related ministry:

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Patronizing Kindness

We need to be careful of an attitude that can creep into our thinking and masquerade as love. The attitude is a tendency to degrade someone with pity and low expectations. This attitude is in our religion when we meet a sinner who seems to us too far gone to convert or be reborn in Christ, and it is in our politics as a strange racism which is not hate but patronizing kindness.

September 2005

Reality of Homelessness in America. Part 2

Reality of Homelessness in America. Part 1

I have worked with the homeless for over ten years. Many people describing the homeless problem in America have an agenda. Often, they are trying to elicit an emotional response to spur policy change or raise money. I am trying to give basic facts, and I think it is hard to critically think about the problem of homelessness without these facts. Most of these facts and observations are based upon personal experience, and this is not a social scientific treatment of the subject. Among other things, the video deals with the working homeless, pan handling, addicts, the hidden homeless, the visibility of homelessness, hard luck stories, mental illness, and people living on the lam.
Please post questions and comments. If there are enough questions, someone at A Simple House will do another homelessness video blog.

Book Club Calendar!

Here is the reading list for the Simple House Bookclub.

Bookclub meets the second Monday of every month in Washington, DC, and it meets the second Tuesday of each month in Kansas City, MO.  If you are already a member of the book club and you would like to lead discussion for one of these books, please contact Laura in DC or Clark in KC.

Happy and in Trouble

God’s will can be summed up as “be good,” and translated into human terms this means “be supernaturally good and holy.” Christianity is not about being mostly good and at least respectable. Christians are called to imitate Christ, and this involves offering our entire life as a gift. This gift is to the poor, our families, our church, our neighbors, our spouses, and God.
F.R. Maltby said, “Jesus promised His disciples three things—that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy and in constant trouble.” If twice the number of people woke up every morning and tried with their whole being to live Christ, the world would be a radically different place. This may sound like a utopian dream, but what God wills he also provides the grace to accomplish.

September 2005