December, 2013

Simple House Book!

Book cover adjust good

Simple House just released a new book on the New Evangelization. Cardinal Wuerl wrote the Introduction, and the book is full of missionary stories, insights, and observations.

The Best Speaker Series Ever!

There is a tradition at Simple House of having occasional speakers.  We modestly call the series the BSSE.  Simple House DC has a new talk on the schedule:


On Friday, January 17th Fr. Joachim Giermek, OFM Conv., will be giving a talk on the topic “Franciscan Spirituality and Evangelization.”  Fr. Joachim was the worldwide Minister General of the Conventual Franciscans from 2001-2007 and we are honored that he is coming to speak at A Simple House!  This event is open to everyone. We will have a light dinner available at 6pm, and the talk will begin at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!

The Christmas Pineapple

Teresa and Fruit

Each Christmas, we deliver about 275 Christmas bags. These bags aren’t designed to feed the hungry; they are designed to cheer up the downtrodden. They are full of good things like hot chocolate, marshmallows, candycanes… and a “wow” item.

Santa’s Workshop

Present Sorting

Every year, we try to make Christmas special for about 175 children. Presents are gathered from parishes, angel trees, and individual families. They start arriving at Simple House the second week of December.

The Busiest Time of Year!

photo 4

This photo looks like a reenactment of the Thanksgiving outreach. Right after Thanksgiving, we start preparing for the Christmas outreaches!

Liturgy and Controversy

Fr. Paul Turner is liturgical expert. He is a collaborator for the commission of bishops who consult on English translations of the liturgy. The purpose of the interview is to try and understand why there is liturgical controversy inside the Catholic Church. The interview is not trying to solve the controversy. It is trying to understand if the controversy is healthy, and why the controversy is so heated. Many background questions are addressed to help people understand the development of the Mass and Catholic Liturgy.

Jesus as Dump Truck Driver

People often ask me what I do. I usually give a weak answer instead of being gutsy and saying, “I’m trying to imitate Jesus.” So what does Jesus do? Jesus is a carpenter and “the savior of the world” (Jn 4:42). He saves the world through love.

Saving the world with love is different than saving the world with science or with stuff. Jesus could have arrived with a heavenly dump truck full of things. Instead, He arrived as an infant, and He left us still wanting and working on our problems.

Christmas 2009

Jesus… is my problem

A contractor we know is a convert and former heavyweight pro boxer. I asked if he was interested in doing missionary work. He meekly declined. He said that too many evangelists pretend that Jesus will solve all of your problems, but his own experience is that problems seemed to only begin with meeting Jesus.

Jesus does not really make chaos or problems. He stirs up existing problems and makes us aware of the false peace we strike with the world. Jesus ruins this false peace and gives us peace grounded on truth.

Summer 2008

Street Hustling and Panhandling

Unless you never leave a gated community, you have experienced some form of street hustle. This video tries to demythologize the hustle and break down the components of a street hustle. Everyone needs to help others, and in order to help others, true and false requests for help need to be seperated.

When helping the poor, please help people that you know well and support organized charities. You can also donate to our efforts at A Simple House.

Jerusalem Farm!

We are friends with another ministry called Jerusalem Farm

Here is an introduction to their work, and tour of their urban farm!