The Christmas Pineapple

The Christmas Pineapple

Teresa and Fruit

Each Christmas, we deliver about 275 Christmas bags. These bags aren’t designed to feed the hungry; they are designed to cheer up the downtrodden. They are full of good things like hot chocolate, marshmallows, candycanes… and a “wow” item.

The wow item is our budget buster. Over the years, we have tried oranges, imported pepperoni, and chocolates made by nuns. In the end, we settled on the Pineapple!

Amongst the goodies, each bag contains a small religious gift and an invitation to church. In addition, there is an invite to contact Simple House for food, diapers, or bible studies. These outreaches allow many new volunteers to canvas a neighborhood, and they pray with people while keeping an eye out for the hidden poor.

The hidden poor are people who cannot ask for help. They may be victims of abuse or suffering from mental illness. In some cases, they are very proud, and they will not let anyone help them unless they are approached with gentleness and respect. Often, there are children suffering in these hidden households. Without a door to door outreach, these people cannot be found.

Please donate to A Simple House this Christmas!