March, 2014

Our First Book Review!

Eve Tushnet is a Catholic Blogger, and she recently reviewed our book!

If you would like a copy of the book, please contact us at or send a donation with a note.  To produce and send a book, it costs us $7.

UNL Alternative Crossfit at ASH KC

photo 4

A group of students from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln visited Simple House KC! They hit the ground running and did a ton of construction work.

University of Dallas at ASH KC

The University of Dallas just completed an alternative spring break at A Simple House KC!  They cooked an enormous amount of food.

pot of meat

Their massive cooking project was a great work of charity.  They were able to deliver food to poor families, shut-ins, and the homeless.  They also served lunch at an inner-city senior center.
This mixing bowl should give some scale!
photo 4-1

In addition to feeding the poor, they worked on a house, visited the Little Sisters of the Lamb, served at a food pantry, delivered food to the homeless with the Franciscan Sisters, served at one homeless soup kitchen, and ate in solidarity at another homeless soup kitchen. They did all of this while roughing it at A Simple House.
Thank you UD, and please come back next year!

Special thanks to Br. Josephen Quinlan Cap. and Prof. Salvatore of Benedictine college.



UVA at Simple House DC!


UVA students spent their spring break at our DC houses.  This is them preparing sandwiches for the homeless.  They also cooked lasagnas for the families we serve.  Thank you for the help and witness!

God of the Road

Another long format Fr. Adam talk from winter retreat 2014.

LA Tech Spring Break in KC!

Louisiana Tech University just finished their fourth spring break at our KC house.  We have had two full-time volunteers come from LA Tech, and it is great to see a few familiar faces in the group each year.

2014-03-07 12.06.23 

Don’t run; Don’t fix; Change the equation

The primary point of Christianity is not:  1)  to teach us how to live in a perfect world, or 2) to teach us how to perfect the world.

The primary point of Christianity is to teach us how to be full of life while living in an imperfect world.

The perfection of the world will happen by people embracing this point, and Christians miss this point when they complain about the world or try to retreat into a closed environment. The fullness of life comes from faith, hope, and love.  The Church does not teach faith, hope, and love via doctrines.  The Church facilitates a relationship with a loving Father, and these gifts are consequences of that relationship.