April, 2014

Easter Outreach!

On Holy Saturday, volunteers handed out Easter baskets to 150 apartments in Southeast, DC. Each year we hand out goodies for the kids as well as a special basket for the mothers. The bags for the kids were filled with candy and bubble wands. The mothers received an easter basket with a potted plant! A religious gift, an invitation to church, and an offer of help was also included.


Nebraska Serving in DC!

This post is a little late, but the University of Nebraska sent a great crew to work at Simple House, DC.  Here is the historical record!

Group Picture (2)

Easter Letter 2014-2

Dear Friends and Family,

“Are we going to have a prayer?”

Over the past eight months at Simple House, I have noticed how much people look forward to prayer.  If I forget to say a prayer, I am reminded, “We need a prayer before you go!”  Why is prayer so desirable to the poor? Jesus tells us, “If you ask anything of me in my name, I will do it”  (Jn. 14:14).

Parental Advisory

parental advisory

Decision Point ministries has released a video targeted at young people being confirmed in the Catholic Church.  The video explicitly tells the youth to be rebels like Jesus.  Although good thing for their eternal souls, this will cause endless headaches for parents.  Viewer discretion is advised.

If your child (preferably over 20 yo) falls under the influence of this message, please have them contact the Simple House volunteer director.

Easter Letter 2014-1

Dear Friends and Family,

Last summer, Jeremy hit rock bottom.   He is an alcoholic, and he was in the middle of a particularly bad drinking binge.  Jeremy has a routine when he binge drinks.  He drinks until he passes out on the couch, sleeps for a whole day, and then wakes up and walks across the street to beg in front of the liquor store.  After a few months of this routine, he called me up and said he was ready to go into a detox program.  I have taken him to detox many times before.  Sometimes he is able to quit for a few months, sometimes only for a few days.  Nevertheless, I always honor his requests for help when he’s ready to sober up.