June, 2014

Undercover Boss

There is an interesting show that has been around for a few years, but it is new to me.  It is called, “Undercover Boss.”  The premise is wonderful.  A CEO does the most menial jobs within his company.  In the process, he is doing an act of solidarity with the lowest level employees, and he experiences the problems they face.  He does all of this in disguise, and he reveals his true identity to the employees at the end of the show.  The reveal is emotional and wonderful.

Jesus is the original undercover boss.

Why is Xmas an Abbreviation for Christmas?

A friend of the ministry recently found the answer to this question in the prison library.  He mailed this to Simple House because he thought we would share his interest

“Because the Greek letter X is the first letter fo the Greek word of Christ, Xristos.  The word Xmas, meaning “Christ’s Mass,” was commonly used in Europe by the sixteenth century.  It was not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas.”

His source is The Book of Answers by Barbara Berliner.

The Best Bible Translation

This video provides a brief review of the New International Version, New American Bible, Revised Standard Version, New American Standard, Jerusalem Bible, Ronald Knox Translation, Navarre, Grail, King James, and more.
If you are choosing a translation, this could be very helpful. Please checkout the other video on choosing a translation!

Choosing A Bible Translation

This video goes over a few factors you should consider when choosing a translation.  The video goes well beyond the typical literal vs. interpretive distinction.

Discerning Spirits

I have had a problem for a while, but I had not been able to diagnose it.

Yesterday, I had a no excuses moment for prayer.  The moment was a blessing, and the prayer came forth naturally.  When my prayer turned to ask for help, there was a difficulty.  I know four people who especially need prayer, and their problems trouble my heart.  I need prayer too, but I don’t want to think about my problems. There was a need to pray, but there wasn’t the will to think about or name my friends struggles or my own problems.  The prayer was at an impasse.  All I could pray was, “You know there is a big mess; please fix it!”