August, 2014

Pope Francis Center Ribbon Cutting!

A few months ago, we made a decision to merge our food pantry with the Assumption food pantry.  Assumption wanted to make their food pantry a more spiritual endeavor, and they wanted Ryan’s help.  So they renovated a building and launched the Pope Francis Center!  Ryan Hehman will be the new director of the center!


Cardinal Wuerl and Fr. Ivaney are cutting the ribbon. Special thanks to Fr. Ivaney for making this happen! For those of you who are worried, Ryan will still be the house director of Simple House DC.

New Missionaries for 2014!

There is an excellent bunch of new missionaries this year.  Three of the new missionaries will be in Kansas City, and two of them will be going to DC.  Here are a few photos from training!  Here is a picture of the new volunteers and a few old ones…


Chesapeake Bay Day

During Training we took a fun day to the Chesapeake Bay! Our crab boat’s engine broke, and we had to row it back to shore.  We only caught one crab, and one of our friends fell off the boat dock.  Luckily, Maryland special agents were having a training session nearby, and she was saved by 10 handsome guys wearing swat gear.


Managing the Mind by Fr. Adam

Book Club Calendar 2.0!

Please feel free to join either of our book clubs.  The Simple House Book Club meets in Washington, DC on the second Monday of the month.  The Simple House Book Club meets in Kansas City, MO on the second Tuesday of the month.  Dinner is always provided, and book club dinner starts at 6:30pm.  Please email or any volunteer to get the address where the next book club is meeting.