November, 2014

Uncomfortable Evangelization

Before coming to A Simple House, I spent six months half-heartedly looking for a full-time job and half-heartedly looking into mission work. I wanted to do mission work, but it did not seem like a realistic option.Rather than pursue it, I made excuses for why I couldn’t. I was hoping God would open a door and put a big welcome mat in front, but he was asking for a step of faith. In July, I contacted A Simple House. I was familiar with their work and mission after spending a spring break with the community in Washington, D.C.. Within five days, I submitted an application, interviewed, moved to Kansas City, and flew to D.C. for training.

What do the homeless really need?

I often visited the plaza with friends and family while growing up in Johnson County. We frequently passed a person in disheveled clothes holding out a cup and asking for money. I usually walked past them without making eye contact. After many years, I began to look at them and smile. Then, one day, I stopped and introduced myself to one of them. I bought him a sandwich and a soda, thinking these would suffice for, well, awhile.

Part 2 Salvation History: “What is the Good News?”

This is the second video of a series trying to explore the basic gospels of Christianity and Judaism. These videos are for people wanting to explain the faith in its simple constitutive components.