“Tell me Jesus ain’t alive!” A Dominican reviews our book

“Tell me Jesus ain’t alive!” A Dominican reviews our book

Each year, the DC house is assigned a Dominican student brother who spends a semester with us ministering to the families we help.  This is how Bro. Peter Gautsch, OP, came to know A Simple House.  When the election of Pope Francis was announced 2 years ago, Bro. Peter and I were riding around delivering lasagnas.  We arrived at one family’s home and found them watching Pope Francis on TV!

This was surprising for 2 reasons.  First, almost no one we help is Catholic.  Second, most people prefer to watch Judge Judy in the afternoon.  We delightedly sat down to watch with them and tried to answer their many questions, such as, “Is the Pope like your president?”  It was a wonderful and rare conversation to have.  Even more wonderful was that the family seemed to be celebrating with us, and they told us they were very happy for our Church.

Bro. Peter recently reviewed our book The New Evangelization: Missionary Letters, which is filled with many similar stories of how God is present among the people we serve.  His review appears in the winter edition of Dominicana, a semi-annual journal of theology, philosophy, and culture published by student brothers of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph.

We are all embarrassed by how flattering the review is, and we are grateful for Bro. Peter’s gracious words.  It is easy to see that part of what is on display here is Bro. Peter’s love for the families that we help, whom he came to know well during his semester with us.

Thank you Bro. Peter!  And thanks to all the Dominican brothers (some now priests!) who have ministered with us over the past 7 years.  We have been enriched by your presence.

You can read the review here.

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