November, 2016

Thanksgiving Pies


This weekend, DC volunteers and friends baked pumpkin, apple and harvest pies to give to our families for Thanksgiving.  We baked nearly 50 pies (using some of our favorite family recipes) which will all be delivered in time for families to enjoy for the holiday.

“I’m ready to accept now” – A Letter From a New Volunteer

Dear Friends and Family,

This past February, I received a phone call telling me I had been accepted to A Simple House of Saints Francis and Alphonsus. I was told to call back once I had made a decision. “That’s OK,” I replied. “I’m ready to accept now.” It was easy to make this decision because it didn’t feel like there was a decision to make. I desired to give myself entirely to God. I wanted to prioritize relationships. I sought to renounce the world and delve into prayer. This did not just seem like a good way to live, but the only way to live in integrity with my faith. Life at A Simple House, then, just made sense. I felt excited and anxious, but at peace with this conclusion.

In retrospect, “to accept” is all that I was ready to do.