April, 2017

Lent Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Dan has had a difficult year. His brother died from alcohol abuse, and his mom was moved to a nursing home. He was evicted a few months later and has been living on the streetsand occasionally with friends. He showed us the small park near our home where he sometimes sleeps. Dan says he wants to get his life together, but many obstacles lie in his path. He needs an ID in order to apply for jobs and housing. In order to get an ID, he needs to get a social security card. When we took him to get his social security card, we were told he needs to present an ID to obtain it. Dan is stuck in a system that is difficult to escape. We are helping him through it, but Dan’s obstacles are as much internal as they are external. They are deeper and more intangible than an ID.

JMU Visits KC!

For the first time, a group from James Madison University spent their spring break at Simple House!