Written by Clark Massey


Humility is when you aren’t the biggest thing around, but you are still happy to be here.

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Catholic Key Article

Russell Saltzman wrote a nice article about A Simple House in the Catholic Key.

Authentic Soul Food This Saturday! KC House


Meet Fr. Adam

This is the Simple House Retreat Director.

How to Help a Friend Struggling with Scrupulosity

Severe Scrupulosity

Scrupulous Temptations

What is Scrupulosity?

Scrupulosity Revisted

A year ago, Simple House released 5 videos about the spiritual problem of scrupulosity. These have become our most watched YouTube videos. When we released them on the blog, we didn’t understand their importance, and we crammed them into one mega-post. All of the views are coming from the YouTube search engine.

Because of their obvious impact, we are going to re-blog them as five separate posts. This will make them easier to find on the blog and Google.


Pope Francis’ Suggested New Year’s Resolutions