Written by Clark Massey

Asceticism: A Two Edged Sword

Christmas toys!

Our last day of Christmas presents deliveries, some of our Capuchin friends came to help out!
In addition to our Christmas bag outreach, we also give presents to nearly 200 kids each year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

“We’re from the Church handing out Christmas bags!” Our volunteers yell when knocking on apartment doors each Christmas.

12 Weird Ideas from Exodus: Gods and Kings

When Moses was 80 years old, he looked like Christian Bale!

A crocodile attack was the 11th plague! For those who didn’t read the book, there wasn’t an 11th plague. The movie was doing ok until the CGI feeding frenzy. According to the screenplay, this caused nine of the other ten plagues.

Self Knowledge and Discerning Spirits

The Christmas Letter

In school, you always want to know what is going to be on the test. If the teacher tells you the questions before the test, there is no excuse for being unprepared. Luckily, the Teacher gave a cheat sheet in Matthew 25. Here are the questions: Did you provide for the hungry, thirsty, and naked? Did you welcome the stranger? Did you visit the sick and prisoners? The reward for passing this test is unimaginable, but these questions scare me.

God is Embarrassing!

This is a unique take on the beatific vision.  The best part starts at 2:10!

Getting out of the Malaise

These videos are from the Simple House training.


Uncomfortable Evangelization

Before coming to A Simple House, I spent six months half-heartedly looking for a full-time job and half-heartedly looking into mission work. I wanted to do mission work, but it did not seem like a realistic option.Rather than pursue it, I made excuses for why I couldn’t. I was hoping God would open a door and put a big welcome mat in front, but he was asking for a step of faith. In July, I contacted A Simple House. I was familiar with their work and mission after spending a spring break with the community in Washington, D.C.. Within five days, I submitted an application, interviewed, moved to Kansas City, and flew to D.C. for training.

What do the homeless really need?

I often visited the plaza with friends and family while growing up in Johnson County. We frequently passed a person in disheveled clothes holding out a cup and asking for money. I usually walked past them without making eye contact. After many years, I began to look at them and smile. Then, one day, I stopped and introduced myself to one of them. I bought him a sandwich and a soda, thinking these would suffice for, well, awhile.