“I’m ready to accept now” – A Letter From a New Volunteer

“I’m ready to accept now” – A Letter From a New Volunteer

Dear Friends and Family,

This past February, I received a phone call telling me I had been accepted to A Simple House of Saints Francis and Alphonsus. I was told to call back once I had made a decision. “That’s OK,” I replied. “I’m ready to accept now.” It was easy to make this decision because it didn’t feel like there was a decision to make. I desired to give myself entirely to God. I wanted to prioritize relationships. I sought to renounce the world and delve into prayer. This did not just seem like a good way to live, but the only way to live in integrity with my faith. Life at A Simple House, then, just made sense. I felt excited and anxious, but at peace with this conclusion.

In retrospect, “to accept” is all that I was ready to do.

The Development Works of Mercy

Below are some thoughts from our founder Clark Massey. They were included in the most recent newsletter announcing our foreign mission.

Dear Simple House Supporters and Donors,

A Simple House is expanding to Nicaragua! The first Simple House opened in 2003, and the second house opened in 2009. When the chance to start a foreign mission presented itself, we were shocked and excited.

have known the Eckstine family for six years. Our paths have crossed multiple times while they served as foreign missionaries, and I have worked with Mark on construction projects in the states. In 2015, they came to KC, and we started talking about a new way to approach foreign mission work.

We are opening a foreign mission!

Below is our Summer newsletter, written by Mark and Lora Eckstine. who will be starting our new foreign mission.

Dear Friends and Family,

We are starting a new Simple House in Nicaragua! We have always dreamed of being missionaries, but we put that desire aside as our family grew. Seven years ago, we felt God stirring our hearts to make a radical change to help our family grow in faith. This led us to reconsider our desire to be missionaries and take the plunge. Since then, we have lived in the Philippines, Mexico, and on the island of St. Lucia. Missions is the wonderful grace-filled life that our family needs, yet we have been surprised by some of the pitfalls and lessons of missionary work. 

New Missionaries 2016!

We have four new missionaries in Washington DC this year!  They hail from University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and Ave Maria University.  They have spent their first week in DC packing and delivering school supplies to families!



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