New Missionaries 2016!

New Missionaries 2016!

We have four new missionaries in Washington DC this year!  They hail from University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and Ave Maria University.  They have spent their first week in DC packing and delivering school supplies to families!



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Ball State Spring Break KC

Group pic 3
Students from Ball State University stayed at Simple House in KC for their spring break!

Missionary Stories #10 – A Hospital Visit


Easter Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Last week, Danny passed away after a long struggle with alcoholism. Of all the people our ministry has known, he was my best friend. I always looked forward to hearing from him, even when he’d been drinking and needed help.

When we met Danny in 2011, he and his family were living in an apartment without gas or electricity. They were basically camping. They cooked over a Sterno. They ate fish they caught in the stream behind the grocery store, and they slept on the floor beneath mounds of blankets. At one point, they even kept chickens and turtles in the apartment for entertainment and to sell to their neighbors. Their manner of living shocked us, but there was not much we could do. Their bills were thousands of dollars overdue, and we just tried to help them survive the winter.

Louisiana Tech Spring Break KC

The gang!

Students from Louisiana Tech spent their spring break at Simple House in KC!

DC Easter Outreach


On Holy Saturday, friends and past volunteers of Simple House joined us to hand out Easter baskets to 150 families in Southeast DC.