What is A Simple House?

What is A Simple House?

Simple House Painting Day – KC


"Team Awesome" after a full day of painting.

“Team Awesome” after a full day of painting.


On May 9th, a handful of the Knights of Columbus from Conception Seminary College helped paint A Simple House in Kansas City. The Knights are an organization founded in the Charity of Christ and His Church.

Why is Ryan at A Simple House?

Why am I at A Simple House?

What is A Simple House? by Laura

What is A Simple House? by Ryan

Easter Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Last year, Jean went blind from a rare medical condition. Her immune system began rejecting her own corneas, even though they aren’t transplants. The disease primarily affects her vision, but she has many other symptoms as well. She has gained a lot of weight, and for many months she couldn’t get out of bed because of pain. Dealing with her sudden loss of sight was as hard on her emotions as it was on her body. She was shocked by her misfortune and discouraged by the sudden disability which upended her life and made all of her normal daily tasks almost impossible. Her boyfriend Robert stopped working and assumed the responsibility of caring for her full-time.

Happiness Doubled by Wonder – KC Easter Outreach

During Holy Week, young adult volunteers from the area joined us for a simple supper and bag packing.


We put the “soul” in “Soul Food”

At the beginning of March, we hosted our first ever Lenten Soul Food Fundraising Dinner. We packed over 60 donors, friends, and family into our volunteer houses to serve them authentic soul food. All the dishes were prepared by a family from the neighborhood that we have known for over 10 years.


“Tell me Jesus ain’t alive!” A Dominican reviews our book

Each year, the DC house is assigned a Dominican student brother who spends a semester with us ministering to the families we help.  This is how Bro. Peter Gautsch, OP, came to know A Simple House.  When the election of Pope Francis was announced 2 years ago, Bro. Peter and I were riding around delivering lasagnas.  We arrived at one family’s home and found them watching Pope Francis on TV!